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  Composer: In Contemporary Compositions, Al has composed pieces with varying moods, speeds, and degrees of difficulty. They are melodic pieces with todays harmonies, challenging rhythms, and are fun to play.

  Pianist: Al performs Contemporary Compositions on a digital piano. This facilitated composing and printing music on a computer.

  Recording Artist: Al has made a demo CD of his Contemporary Compositions on a digital piano.

  Below, is the title, approximate level of difficulty, and a brief description of each composition.



World premiere at Carnegie Hall,
May 26, 1981.


  First Movement has a slow, deliberate beginning which changes to an Allegro containing many jazz phrases. There is a return to the slow section before closing the movement with a jazz coda in a moderate Allegro.

  Second Movement begins with a lyrical theme. This is followed by a continual build-up of sound and dissonance reaching a climax with tone clusters before returning to its lyrical first section.

  Third Movement is a moderately fast movement built on various blues chord changes. The movement contains tempo changes and a section where both hands are playing the same phrases two octaves apart. At the end of this section the performer has the option of improvising his own blues choruses in any style or styles he desires and then returning to where he left off. It is at this point when rock rhythms are introduced. The pianist may choose to play the movement straight through without improvising if he wishes. There is also a slow, two measure optional ending.

INTERVALS, Opus 2, Numbers 1-12.

(Easy to Intermediate)

  INTERVALS is a group of short pieces built on various intervals present in music. Each selection is about a different interval from Minor Second to Perfect Octave. These compositions are fun to play and can also be used in conjunction with teaching theory.


(Moderately difficult)

  SONATA FOR TWO PIANOS is written in four movements. The first movement is fast, followed by a slow second movement, playfull third movement, and ending with a galloping fourth movement.



The titles in this collection are:

March of the Musicians, Opus 4.

A joyful march in a minor key.

Meditation One, Opus 5.

A piece that is relaxing to play.

Meditation Two, Opus 6.

Even the audience will relax with this piece.

Nine Four, Opus 7.

A polytonal piece with a smooth melodic
section contrasted with polychords.

The Spell, Opus 8.

This piece can mesmerize you.

Seven Four, Opus 9.

Phrases that ascend and descend chromatically
in an unusual time of seven beats per measure.

Resolve, Opus 10.

A selection that weaves in and out of various
keys until the final chordal section resolves it all.

Playin' Around, Opus 11.

Let it all out and have fun playin'
around with this moving piece.



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