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A Different View of Marilyn is an account of what Marilyn Monroe was really like, through the eyes of Master Pianist, friend, and confidant, Al Carmen Guastafeste.

   Yes, there is “A Different View of Marilyn.”  February 16, 2004 marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s tour of Korea.  The author’s musical abilities and Marilyn’s red-hot star power

combined to perform unforgettable shows in front of more than 100,000 service persons.  The times they shared, and how they got there and moved onward, are the subjects of this memoir.

   Much of the information for this book was written from conversations the author had with Marilyn.  These conversations took place before, during, and after rehearsals and performances of the Army variety show Marilyn became part of called, “Anything Goes.”

   Most of the pictures of Marilyn presented in this book were taken by the author, and some members of the cast of “Anything Goes,” and have never been publically viewed before.

 This book also presents a comparative view of the lifestyles of the performers, Marilyn and Al, making it both a biography of Marilyn Monroe and an autobiography of the author Al Guastafeste.


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